Leszno Balloon Club

Leszno Balloon Club has been organising competitions sine 1992 (Akwawit Balloon Cup – Leszno Balloon Cup).

Four of which were FAI event (1999, 2000 – Ladies World Balloon Cup, 2014 1st World Women Hot Air Balloon Championship, 2017 4th European Women Hot Air Balloon Championship)

We have also organised National Championship for four Times, Women’s National Championship for five Times and Junior’s National Championship two times.

Pilots belonging to our club have been representing Poland for years and have been successful both on the national and international level.

Bogdan Prawicki

Bogdan Prawicki, balloon pilot since 1985

Balloon Polish Championship:
Five times winner: 1988,1995, 1996, 2005 2008
Four Times vice-champion: 1993, 1997, 2000, 2009
3rd place: 1992, 2001, 2007
European Balloon Cup 3rd place: 1997 (France)
A member of the national balloon team 1988 – 2010
Participant of many editions of World and European Championship

Ewa Prawicka-Linke

Ewa Prawicka-Linke, balloon pilot sine 1997

1st place FAI Women European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015 
Women’s Polish Championship:
1st place: 2002, 2004
2nd place: 2001, 2003,
3rd place: 2015
Ladies World Balloon Cup
1st place – 2006 Angouleme (France), Włocławek (Poland)
2nd place – 2007 Angouleme (France)
3rd place – 2004 Angouleme (France)

Paweł Soból

Paweł Soból, balloon pilot since 2007

Junior Polish Balloon Championship
2nd place 2013
3rd place 2017

Participant 1st FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship.

Participant many events in Poland

Paweł Jagodzik

Paweł Jagodzik, balloon pilot since 2012

Participant many events in Poland

Damian Nyczka

Paweł Jagodzik, balloon pilot since 2012

Participant many events in Poland

Zofia Prawicka

Zosia Prawicka, balloon pilot since 2018