Parking, Refuelling, Trening Flights

Dear Pilots,

Some organization news:

I. Many of you want to do training flights. According to my discuss with ED he will prepare for you two task sheets for training flights(Sunday evening and Monday morning). I think more info he will add soon.

I remind we provide gas for one training flight. The refuelling is planned for tomorrow (Sunday) at 17:30-20:00.

The address of refuelling: Parking of Akwawit Swimming Pool, Św. Józefa 5

II. Some of you asked about the flights today evening and tomorrow morning. I am in contact with Leszno airfield. I got information they do not have reserved area so if you want you can fly. The Leszno airfield frequency 122.305. You can fly till 5000 feet.

III. If you need to buy gas we recommend the station:

LOTOS Premium

IV. To check the meteo information for today and tomorrow morning we recommend these pages:,16.565,8

V. The 24h guarded parking where you can leave trailers if you want: Ambit Sp. z o.o.

VI. The check in and the briefings will take place in Grant Hotel. The address: Osiecka 4

VII. On Monday there is planned Opening Dinner and on Saturday the Closing Ceremony. For each pilot we prepared 4 tickets per event (4 per Opening, 4 per Closing). There will be possibility to buy more during the check-in if you need it. The price for 1 ticket/event is 10 euro.