Temporary Limitations - Polish GOV and FAI

Dear pilots,

Here you can see the temporary limitations in Poland due to Covid pandemia:


What you have to remember is to have few masks with you. There is no need to wear it outdoor, but it is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose in such places as:
- in buses, trams and trains,
- in shops, malls, banks, markets and post offices
- in cinemas and theatres,
- at physician’s offices, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, in massage and tattoo parlours
- in churches, at schools and universities,
- In government offices (when going there to take care of certain matters) and other civic centres.

Please become acquainted with the rest of limitation in Poland in the link above.

The second case is the FAI's Technical and practical recommendations concerning Air Sports Operations during COVID-19 which all of you should also read: